Kitchen Display System


Curbngo’s Kitchen Display System helps restaurants reduce time and costs by allowing chefs and servers to see relevant items at their stations in real-time and mark items as they are prepared, expedited, or served.


  • The default “orders” view displays order tickets as they get accepted by the restaurant. Each ticket shows the elapsed time, a colour-coded header (delivery, dine-in, takeout) and a six-dot icon that lets you move the ticket to the right or left. Order details such as customer name, device type, cashier are shown within a scrollable slider.
  • The items view displays orders sorted by items and categories, to provide an overview of items that need to be prepared.

  • Tapping on the top left corner “hamburger” icon to bring up a menu to Manage Menu and Settings screens

  • In order to reduce order cancellations due to stock availability, cooks can turn on or off ingredients, dishes, or whole menus based on their supply and/or time of the day.
  • The optional feature of displaying items from other lines before expediting ensures that the order is complete.