Delivery App

Curbngo, the #1 leader in kosher restaurant ordering, had already established a popular mobile app for food ordering within the Jewish community in New York, featuring a wide selection of kosher restaurants.


Understanding the Problem

Curbngo had already developed a beta app that was on the market. However, it appeared dated and presented several design issues:
Restaurant info and delivery options did not stand out well against image backgrounds.
Restaurant logos, icons and action buttons were inconsistent in colour and dimension.
Spacing and aligning:
Lack of white space to differentiate and organize visual elements.
Buttons design:
Primary buttons’s size, colour and position make them blend in with the screen frame and are hard to identify.

The Challenge

While competitors like Uber Eats maintain a clean, fresh, and up-to-date design, Curbngo’s interface appeared dated, cluttered, and flat. I was tasked with redesigning Curbngo in two phases. Given that their mobile app is already available on the market (iOS, Google Play), they requested a redesign of the existing UI without altering the functionality. Subsequently, our plan involved implementing UX improvements and ensuring consistency between the app and kiosks.



The Process

During the redesign, I looked at the competitors and gained some UI inspiration. I realized I would not be able to rely on images because not all stores provide images of their menu items. In addition, I was instructed to maintain a similar navigation style for their menus and items. Each menu appears in a vertical frame, and you can scroll horizontally through them. In addition, all of their modifiers should maintain rounded, centred-aligned buttons.

High-Fidelity Prototypes


User Flow: Place an Order


The Result

With the most recent revamp of Curbngo, users were pleased. Curbngo’s downloads and app orders increased by 30%, and more stores signed up. Curbngo also offered pickup and delivery options, instant updates between store and consumer, and unlimited customizations and preferences.