Self-Serve Kiosk

The self-service kiosk has become very popular among big fast food chains and retail stores. Independent stores saw this as an opportunity to bring clients by decreasing wait times and avoiding human contact. Customers can browse menus and learn about current promotions before placing and paying their orders. In this context, Curbngo asked me to revamp their current Kiosk design so that it seamlessly integrates with their existing customer app and future POS system.


Understanding the Problem

Initially, Curbngo had developed a kiosk system that had several UI problems: the design looked dated, spacing issues, elements were misaligned and lack of images. Moreover, the user experience could have been better due to a lack of hierarchy between menus and categories, difficulty navigating the store menus, and no preview of carts and total amounts.


The Challenge

The challenge was revamping the Curbngo kiosks system to match their new style while maintaining some of their old features. Curbngo wanted to maintain a scrollable page for a single item with all its required and optional modifiers, a side menu for navigation, and the possibility of duplicating an item with different modifiers. Also, the purpose was to create an adaptive and customizable interface that suits every type of restaurant menu.






The Process

The first phase consisted on reskinning the existing kiosk interface design to ensure consistency across other platforms by utilizing Curbngo’s new design assets: rounded buttons, minimalistic style, pink highlights, and subtle shadows.
The second phase consisted on making changes to improve the UX part. To start, I researched online about different types of kiosk systems. Then, I conducted field research to better understand the dimensions of the visual assets like typography,modifier buttons, and quantity selectors from kiosks at McDonalds and Tim Hortons. For example, I noticed that to prevent mistouches and errors, elements needed to have wider margins and padding. Also, instead of keeping expandable tabs on the side bar, I considered having two navigation bars for smoother way to browse through all menus and their respective categories.



The Result

Curbngo launched a newly redesigned Kiosk that helps restaurants to reduce wait times, improve order accuracy, enhance customer satisfaction and free up employee’s time. Restaurants that introduced Curbngo kiosks experienced an average 5% to 6% lift in sales.


Kiosk In-store images

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-28 at 4.13.09 PM (1)