POS System


For Curbngo, I developed a new POS system that works as a digital cash register with a built-in timer and menu management functions. Considering the existing client base, the primary task was to maintain a similar level of user experience between their food-runner tablets and the new POS system.

Understanding the problems:

Time Pressure
General users go through user flows at their own pace with virtually no time pressure. However, cashiers need to become familiar with the POS interface immediately to avoid long lines and upset customers. Therefore, the interface and user experience should be even more intuitive, coherent, and simple in order to reduce this time pressure.

Complicated Navigation
Finding a product in the POS can be very difficult at times. Navigating through the system in search of a specific product can leave cashiers lost and frustrated. There are times when typing a name in the search bar is not an ideal solution, because the cashier may not know the exact name or the system may have misspelled the name in the database.


I began this project by watching several video walkthroughs and tutorials of different POS systems known in the market like Lightspeed, Toast, TouchBistro, Square, etc.