POS System



A point of sale system, or POS, replaces what cash registers used to be. It is the place where a customer places an order and makes a payment for products or services in a store. POS helps retailers and store owners take their customer experience to a new level. Besides handling payments, POS systems can track sales, manage inventory, generate reports, and keep track of employee hours.


Understanding the Problem

Time Pressure
General users go through user flows at their own pace with virtually no time pressure. However, cashiers need to become familiar with the POS interface immediately to avoid long lines and upset customers. Therefore, the interface and user experience should be even more intuitive, coherent, and simple.
Complicated Navigation
Finding a product in the POS can be very difficult at times. Navigating through the system in search of a specific product can leave cashiers lost and frustrated. There are times when typing a name in the search bar is not an ideal solution, because the cashier may not know the exact name.

The Challenge

Curbngo’s store owners and cashiers were already familiar with handling incoming orders with food-runner tablets. The challenge was to integrate the food-runner software with a newly designed POS system with built-in functions like clock-in software, inventory management and cash register.


The Process

The first phase was to conduct online research. I searched for tutorials and walk-through videos from competitors such as Lightspeed, Oracle, Square, and Elo Touch. As requested by the client, I had to create split-screen prototypes. The left side is used as a food runner, but becomes a receipt panel when the cashier begins to take orders. The right side allows the cashier to search menus and categories and add items to carts.
Then, I created several sketches, wireframes, and designs for different POS features, such as menu management, checkout screens, and payment methods.


Wireframes and Concepts




The Result

In addition to its innovative features, Curbngo POS is known for its simplicity, the full admin suite, and integrated payments. Store owners who were used to the food-runner tablet had an easy transition to the POS software. POS enabled restaurants to reduce staffing costs and increase efficiency while transforming the way they operate.


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